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п»ї MENU HB0/RC3C 2016

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Ideas of DX-pedition

This end of spring of 2015 on 29 of May HB0/RC3C was on air from Gaflei, Triesenberg, JN47SC. It was up to 500 QSOs from that QTH. After my back to Moscow I decided to fly back to HB9 then go to HB0 Land to activate it once again, and to see the pileup if it will happens.
This activation forms like a vacation activity from Europe in July 2016. Much rest from hard IT work (about RC3C) in Moscow, visiting nearby locations.
HB0/RC3C Gaflei Tiesenberg 2015

IARU Contest will take place in 9-10 of July 2016. Me RC3C and Oleg HB9RB will arrive to HB0-land on 8.July.2016 and all stay here until 14.July.2016.
There are some plans to work a bit longer on this territory on HF/VHF/UHF & EchoLink. There is HB9BB repeater nearby the location in fact.
Me, Oleg HB9RB and Wasily RW3DR are planning there for 1 week:

  1. Call Liechtenstein agency to possibility for renting a house (Already done in 2015)
  2. On 8th of July 2016 I will fly to HB9 Zurich from Moscow
  3. In the evening of 8th.July we go to HB0 by car with all equipment
  4. Go into rented a house in HB0 :: Triesenberg
  5. On 8th July 2016 set up all equipment and antennas (as time possible)
  6. On 8th July 2016 make first call on HF from HB0/RC3C

  7. Put our equipment in house
  8. Put antennas nearby house
  9. Work in IARU HF CHAMPIONSHIP Contest
  10. Work after contest in CW/SSB/RTTY modes
  11. Drink german beer (Hi-Hi)

House location

See the location on the MAP

HB0/RC3C house location in Liechtenstein :: Google Maps

HB0/RC3C house location in Liechtenstein :: Google Maps

Working Bands (QRGs)

None certain defined frequencies for us on this "vacation", so, use RBN (reversebeacon net) or DXC (DX cluster net) to track our activity.

Story of HB0/RC3C in 2015

It was on 29 of May 2015. I and Oleg HB9RB came to Vaduz, walk to the main street, then went to Triesengberg mountain to the place of Gaflei and stopped on parking place 1500m above the ground. Here is the the place on google maps:
HB0/RC3C position Gaflei Google Maps
In the evening of that day we back to HB9 Riehen in case of power low of laptop accumulator. Activation of HB0 without laptop is bad idea we thought and came home. It was made around 500 QSO, which one of them is on 50MHz CW with UK M6....
Foto from Vaduz:
HB0/RC3C foto in Vaduz
Foto from Gaflei:
HB0/RC3C in Gaflei
HB0/RC3C mobile shack in Gaflei
HB0/RC3C mobile shack in Gaflei
HB0/RC3C antenna in Gaflei
HB0/RC3C antenna in Gaflei
Local QRMs were from cows:
HB0/RC3C cows in Gaflei
They rattled their Liechtenstein bells, and prevented to work on air. :)

Audio signal from HB0/RC3C in 2015

TNX Artyom (RX5DX) for this recorded file.

Video from HB0/RC3C in 2015

Author - Tony (RC3C).

© All rights reserved by Tony RC3C, 2015-2019.
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