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 MENU HB0/RC3C 2016

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PILEUP from HB0-Land or HOWTO return to Liechtenstein

HB0-Land :: Liechtenstein flag   

From 8th to 14th July in year of 2016 team of Russian HAMs (RC3C & HB9RB & RW3DR & RW3AH& R2AD) are planning again to activate HB0 territory of Liechtenstein in IARU HF CHAMPIONSHIP. So, this website is for this activation & stories.

QRA Loc: JN47SD    QTH: Masescha    CQ Zone: 14    ITU Zone: 28


August-September 2015: Apartements are booked already. Currently we are trying to find out some finances for beam antennas, need some sponsors. [TNX HB9RB]

November 2015: Booked apartements were confimed. So, This is a good new for HB0 operation in IARU-HF-2016. [TNX HB9RB, HB9RB/XYL]

December 2015: I am thinking to upload all QSOs to LoTW which I made in 1st my visit to HB0-land. All is ready on that. Wasily RW3DR will take a part in DX-pedition to HB0-land. [TNX HB9RB]

January 2016: Ordering tickets to Zurich, Swiss. Also HB0/HB9RB & HB0/RW3DR will available on the HF too. Added "Donation" info on page. [RC3C]

Febuary 2016: Added HF/VHF/UHF bands info on "Ideas" page. Added Sparky RW3AH to our Expedition Team HB0/RC3C™ just now. MNI TNX to our friends UA4WI & RA3WDK for wired antenna's constructions. [RC3C, HB9RB]

March 2016: Regular preparations and consultations are going on by our team. [RC3C]

April 2016: Added Paul R2AD to our Expedition Team HB0/RC3C™ just now. Most of team members will arrive to Zurich and then go to HB0 position from airport. Preparations are still going on by our team. [RC3C]

May 2016: Just went from Swiss Embassy in Moscow with VISA. So, Activation HB0/RC3C will take place 100% in July month. Today the mails about activation sent to (I1JQJ) and (4L5A). Added new page "DX-Cluster" for real-time monitoring us on the air from Liechtenstein's position. [RC3C]

May 2016: New!! DX news(info) shared on webpages:

* [MNI TNX 4L5A]
* [RC3C]

May 2016: Video from last DX-pedition to HB0-land in year of 2015 was uploaded to Youtube video-hosting: [RC3C]

June 2016: Last preparations for Liechtenstein DX-pedition are continued locally. RC3C & R2AD got VISAs to Shiengen zone. Expedition HB0/RC3C will start normally on planned dates. Photo/Video will be recorded by Tony's RC3C camera. [RC3C]

July 2016: 1 week prior to expedition start. Be ready.... :) [RC3C]

8 July 2016: Expedition started. The team consists of 4th Hams: RC3C & HB9RB & RW3AH & R2AD. We have 2 verticals: 1st - 40m, 2nd - 80m-10m + tuner. [RC3C]

15 July 2016: Expedition ended. Added media page to the web site. It was nice to see old friends on Liechtenstein's land together. It was great trip. We met guys from HB0HQ station Gaflei. [RC3C]

17 July 2016: Log for IARU-HF-CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 was submitted to ARRL. Here is a picture: [RC3C]
HB0/RC3C IARU-HF Contest 2016 log submitted

19 July 2016: Added small incoming QSL gallery on media page. [RC3C]

August 2016: Today 11.08.2016 I uploaded full log (2015/2016) on clublog and eQSLcc. LoTW will be uploaded on next day. [RC3C]

August 2016: Today 14.08.2016 I uploaded full log (2015/2016) to LoTW. [RC3C]

11 July 2018: Added 2 videos in Media page with "Position of HB0HQ" and "HB0/RC3C: How it was in brief". [RC3C]

13 July 2018: Added 1 video in Media page with "Photo report RW3AH KL1A about HB0/RC3C Trip Liechtenstein 2016". [RC3C]

30 November 2018:
Full log was uploaded to LogBook. [RC3C]

NEW !! 17 Febuary 2019: Full log was uploaded to LogBook. [RC3C]



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